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Meet our first BASIUM face as we begin our 'in conversation with' series. Charlotte has recently moved back to her her home country Belgium and now resides in Brussels. She has spent the past eight years working as a model, being based between Paris and New York.

She has recently refocussed her pursuits and is now in the final stages of completing her Communications and Marketing studies. Warm and kindhearted, we are fortunate to call her a close friend.


Charlotte Foubert

Star Sign



Occupation & Pursuits

Finishing university. Living to the fullest and being happy with whatever comes my way.


How do you bring yourself back to the present moment? 

When I think too much of ‘what’s next’, I write down my thoughts in a notebook. It makes me also realise how time flies by so fast and that it is important to enjoy what is happening just now.


Do you have a ritual you practice to re-centre yourself? 

I take a moment to make a warming matcha at home. I also make time to enjoy a yoga or pilates class and I make sure to invest in nourishing skin care products and good food.

When do you feel most creatively fulfilled? 

When I have good and inspiring conversations with family and friends. I also like to read or visit an expo when I have the time.

What makes a place feel like home to you? 

When there is light and warmth. Also fresh flowers, tea, cookies, a blanket and good company.

Do you have a message you would like to spread?

Don’t compare yourself too much. You are who you are and you deserve to be happy and loved.

A dreamy afternoon captured by Ryan Brabazon