Our natural perfume oils are blended in a base of cold pressed organic Jojoba oil and contain none of the harmful ingredients associated with mainstream perfumery. Made with a combination of the most pure organic essential oils, absolutes and Co2 extracts. All ingredients are derived from flowers, leaves, stems, wood, roots, seeds, resins and are wild harvested whenever possible.

Every intimate BASIUM scent is hand made in small batches using ancient blending techniques. They are created to evolve on your skin depending on your bodies chemistry whilst providing countless therapeutic benefits.

100% Organic
                   and Natural 

Our blends contain;

NO parabens

NO additives

NO artificial fragrances

NO artificial colours

NO synthetic chemicals


NO animal testing 

NO mineral oils, PEGs or silicones

Dead Sandalwood

In the past years the demand for sandalwood oil has grown rapidly due to it's cosmetic and therapeutic value, which has led to a significant over harvesting problem around the world of naturally occurring wild sandalwood trees. Irresponsible harvesting practices has left Sandalwood on the brink of extinction.


However in recent years there have been new regulations imposed to support regeneration practices and we have partnered with the native Martu and Wongi nations to use sustainably harvested Australian Sandalwood Oil from dead trees. This process allows us to support those efforts and include this as our main ingredient in all of our BASIUM blends.

Wild Sandalwood Tree Western Australia

"For the Martu and Wongi Nations,

 Sandalwood is part of their soul and

 a key link to their spiritual identity"

Our deadwood is collected from the forest floor in Australia's central Gibson desert and represents the natural life cycle of a native sandalwood tree. These trees can be anywhere between 0 - 50 years, or even 50 - 100 years old. With this technique all parts of the sandalwood tree is used which makes it one of the first sustainable and ethically sourced sandalwood oils.

Sandalwood Santalum Spicatum is endemic to this region and has been traditionally used for thousands of years and was also used as mankind's first perfume. The dead woods odor profile is described by many as being a sweeter and richer oil.